IAMM aims to support the professional field in the Netherlands in adopting this key technology through practical research, curriculum development, and the establishment of a comprehensive knowledge platform.


The Team

Fontys, Windesheim, and Saxion, the three universities with metal printers, have joined forces in the initiative IAMM (Industrial Additive Manufacturing in Metals). Together with universities, industry associations, knowledge centers, and tech companies, they aim to promote metal printing as a manufacturing technique in the coming years.

In recent years, the involved universities have invested in facilities for and research on metal printing, collaborating closely with numerous companies and institutions. Through this intensive collaboration, a dynamic research group has emerged with a broad geographical reach in the Netherlands, encompassing various facilities and specializations.

Within the group, collaboration is fostered with various regional field labs and Centers of Expertise. GreenPACTechForFuture and HTSM Fontys.

Our Partners