Coldspray ; Aluminium


Relevant postprocessing:

  • heat treatment
  • machining
  • surface finishing

Safety hazards:

  • metal dust
  • heat
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Cold Spray (CS) is an efficient deposition process for the application of metals, metal alloys and metal blends. It uses powder particles as feedstock and a supersonic spraying nozzle with heated high-pressure carrier gas to accelerate the particles through at high velocities. The temperatures of the particles are below their own melting point. The particles will experience extreme and rapid plastic deformation when they make impact with to the substrate (Base material to which the coating is applied) or previous layers. During the entire deposition process the feedstock remains in the solid state.  

Compressed gases like air, helium or nitrogen, heated up to 1100°C are used to accelerate the feedstock up to high velocities through the nozzle (300 to 1200 m/s). The velocity of the cold spray is important in determining whether the material will have enough energy to bond. If the velocity is too low to induce deformation, the coatings will not form. If the velocity is too high, particles will wear away the substrate and coatings will not form.